Ireland’s Landscapes: a Retirement Interlude

Ireland’s green landscapes have earned it the title, Emerald Isle. That one name hides the variety of green and its juxtapositions with the varying colors of the Atlantic, the greys of rock formations and stone castles, and the colors of farm animals and homes. For so small a place, it is one of uncommon allure.

My wife and I, along with my younger brother and his wife, toured Ireland in early fall. My brother and his wife still work, but Barbara and I were able to adjust our schedules to theirs. Today we’ll share photos of the landscapes we saw.

We traveled counterclockwise by auto from Dublin around the island. We spent twelve days. We would love to return, and its scenery now pops up regularly in our dreams.

To see the photos below, click on the first one—the sheep. The blog will take you into a gallery where you can read the caption at the bottom of the photo and click near the right side to advance one photo at a time.

I hope you enjoyed the landscapes. Soon I’ll post photos of some of Ireland’s people and the things they do.