Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Taking Life Easy

Last Friday I published a blog post for the first time in nearly two months. Before that, I had published almost every week since the end of 2011. What happened?

Nothing really. Or I don’t know.

There have been no calamities in my life, no major changes of any kind. For some indiscernible reason, I just took a break. Even the break was not a conscious or planned decision—I missed one week, then another, and so on.

Gradually I grew to miss writing, so I cast around for a topic and settled on the reunion.

One of the best parts of retirement is the freedom from having to tow a line for a paycheck. No one called me on the carpet for not writing, and my income didn’t change.

Whether you’re retired or not, I hope parts of your life are like that; you live better after taking some time off, and not every vacation has to be well planned in advance.

Thanks for reading Later Living.