A Little Adventure

Hofer’s World Rye

Early life is a time for big adventures, like the army, college, marriage. Later life is for small adventures, like finding a new author or visiting a distant bakery.

The other day I was feeling trapped. I have a broken bone in one foot, which limits mobility, and I just finished teaching a course for retirees, which had me pinned to my computer for eight or nine days in preparation. I needed a small adventure.

Picked up the camera and headed north to Hofer’s bakery and restaurant, figuring I’d see some fall colors in the mountains and get fresh German rye bread. On the drive up, the countryside offered space and peace. Bought the bread, then found my way to a gravel Forest Service road that runs along Dukes Creek, and I parked for lunch: peanut butter and Barbara’s blackberry jam on fresh rye, along with a thermos of coffee from home. Took some photographs along the way.

Nothing momentous happened, yet the trip served as needed refreshment. Big adventures shape a person in big ways, but these little ones in later life simply buff up whatever is there.

Here are some photos from the trip.