What Do You Do When You’re Ready to Retire, but She’s Not?

What Do You Do When You’re Ready to Retire, but She’s Not?

Some of you may have seen the Wall Street Journal special report on retirement earlier this week. Several topics were covered, and while we definitely plan to discuss a few of them, one article in particular grabbed my attention. A lot is written about where and how to retire, but this piece talked about a decision many of us take for granted… when to retire. 

The WSJ reported that 62 percent of married couples in the United States disagree on their expected retirement ages. Additionally:

  • 47 percent disagree on whether they will continue to work in retirement
  • 33 percent disagree on lifestyle expectations
  • 73 percent disagree on whether or not they have completed a detailed retirement plan
  • Only 50 percent of couples retire within two years of each other

The article offers one possible explanation, and it’s one that has been getting a lot of attention in the news lately. Women increasingly are finding success in the workplace, to the point that they are replacing men as primary family breadwinners.

From the WSJ:

The days when a husband automatically retires at 65 with a corporate pension and his wife dutifully follows him to a golf course in Florida are officially over. Most women approaching retirement age are now working, and many have their own retirement savings—and viewpoints.

Read the rest of the WSJ piece here.